Praia da Costa Nova

Costa Nova beach is very sought because of its colorful houses, nautical sports and exquisite landscapes of the river and the sea.
Costa Nova and its vast sandy beaches are the ideal place for those looking to live in a quiet and leisurely area.
Here you can find the characteristic little houses, made with wood and painted with colorful stripes. The majority of them appear by the river surrounded of green areas alongside the river. In the winters, Costa Nova has a unique atmosphere that involves all it´s residents in a peaceful and exclusive way. In summertime the same residents like to share the beach with outsiders that come to spend the day at the beach. Fresh air / Sports / Peaceful / Outdoor / Convívio / Nature / Family / Pets / Transportation / Local commerce / Fresh Fish / Sea / River / Street animation / Leisure / Culture
Palavras Chave Apartment house dwelling 1 room 2 rooms 3 rooms 4 rooms rent buy real estate Aveiro Ria de Aveiro
Sea, Beach, Estuary;Business;Public Transports;School (Unspecified);Market;Children recreation areas, Restaurants, Bars;
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